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RM Transglutaminase Formula

Bindly RM is a popular transglutaminase formulation widely used by chefs. In addition to transglutaminase and maltodextrin, it contains a functional protein derived from milk called sodium caseinate. This water-soluble aid protein compensates for any protein deficiencies by adhering to the food surface and binding to TG. Bindly RM enzyme preparation is ideal for a wide range of foods, especially for meats, including cooked meats, and meat-like products. Non-GMO product, suitable for Vegetarians and Kosher diet.

Ingredients: Sodium caseinate, maltodextrin, transglutaminase and sunflower lecithin (E-322).

Dosage: Depending on the application. General dosage: 5 to 15g/kg in final product.

Storage: Keep in a cool dry place. Once opened, use the product as soon as possible. If you do not use the entire bag, reseal and store at below 5 ºC (refrigerate or freeze).

Best before date: 12 months from manufacturing date in the original packaging.

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Inhaltsstoffe: Natriumcaseïnaat, maltodextrine, transglutaminase en sonnenblumenlecithin.

Empfohlene Dosierung: Je nach Anwendung. Allgemeine Dosierung: 5 bis 15g/kg im Endprodukt.

GEVAAR: Enthält Transglutaminase. Kann bei Einatmen Allergie, asthmaartige Symptome oder Atembeschwerden verursachen. Einatmen von Staub/Rauch/Gas/Nebel/Dampf/Aerosol vermeiden. Schutzhandschuhe/Schutzkleidung/Augenschutz/Gesichtsschutz tragen. Bei unzureichender Belüfung Atemschutz tragen. BEI EINATMEN: Die betroffene Person an die frische Luft bringen und in einer Position ruhigstellen, die das Atmen erleichtert. Bei Symptomen der Atemwege: GIFTINFORMATIONSZENTRUM oder Arzt anrufen. Inhalte entsorgen in einem geeignetem Gefäß.

Ingrédients: Caséinate de sodium, maltodextrine, transglutaminase et lécithine de tournesol.

Dose recommandée: Selon l’application. Dosage général : 5 à 15 g/kg dans le produit final.

DANGER: Contient de la transglutaminase. Peut provoquer des symptômes allergiques ou d’asthme ou des difficultés respiratoires par inhalation. Éviter de respirer les poussières/fumées/gaz/brouillards/vapeurs/aérosols. Porter des gants de protection/des vêtements de protection/un équipement de protection des yeux/du visage. Lorsque la ventilation du local est insuffisante, porter un équipement de protection respiratoire. EN CAS D’INHALATION: Transporter la victime à l’extérieur et la maintenir au repos dans une position où elle peut confortablement respirer. En cas de symptômes respiratoires: appeler un CENTRE ANTIPOISON ou un médecin. Jeter le contenu dans un contenant approprié.

Ingredienti: Caseinato di sodio, maltodestrina, transglutaminasi e lecitina di girasole.

Dosaggio raccomandato: A seconda dell’applicazione. Dosaggio generale: Da 5 a 15 g/kg nel prodotto finale.

PERICOLO: Contiene transglutaminasi. Può provocare sintomi allergici o asmatici o difficoltà respiratorie se inalato. Evitare di respirare la polvere/i fumi/i gas/la nebbia/i vapori/gli aerosol. Indossare guanti/indumenti protettivi/Proteggere gli occhi/il viso. In caso di ventilazione insufficiente utilizzare un apparecchio respiratorio. IN CASO DI INALAZIONE: Trasportare l’infortunato all’aria aperta e mantenerlo a riposo in posizione che favorisca la respirazione. In caso di sintomi respiratori: contattare un CENTRO ANTIVELENI o un medico. Smaltire il contenuto in un contenitore adatto.

How to use Bindly RM Transglutaminase?

Bindly RM Transglutaminase is compatible with different process flows and applications. It can be sprinkled on dry as powder, mixed into slurry with 4 parts of water or directly added into mixtures, see “Learn by application” for more details. Once the structure has been given to the product, the enzyme must be inactivated by heat. Above 65ºC, the enzyme is gradually denatured and becomes inactive.

Expected use and applications

  • Structured meat products
  • Structured fish products
  • Döner kebab
  • Vegetarian products

How does transglutaminase works?

Transglutaminase is an enzyme naturally present in the majority of organism’s tissues and involved in various biological processes. The enzyme catalyses the formation of covalent bonds between the amino acids Glutamine and Lysine of distinct types and origins of proteins such as casein, myosin, soya globulin, gluten and actin, among others.

Meat Glue

Transglutaminase, also known as Meat Glue, is a natural enzyme with the ability to glue protein-containing foods together. Its crosslinking property is widely used by chefs to improve the physical and functional properties of food products. Transglutaminase is found naturally in humans, animals and plants.

Primary uses of transglutaminase comprise:

  • Structuring meat and fish products
  • Structuring vegan products
  • Creating combinations of different meat products
  • Enhancing texture and binding properties
  • Allowing to make uniform portions
  • Improving creaminess and texture in dairy products

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