Can I make a reverse spherification with Bindly products?

Yes, this method is similar to spherification, different in that it is used to enclose liquid containing alcohol content, as well as liquid with calcium content such as milk and yogurt. When the liquid containing alcohol or calcium salt is dropped into the Bindly Sodium Alginate bath, the liquid will draw itself into a spherical shape and becomes encapsulated by the gel-like membrane formed by the cross-linking of the calcium ions and the alginate polymer strands. There are two factors that need to be or can be adjusted for successful Reverse Spherification. The first is the amount of free calcium ions and density of the liquid to be made for spherification. The amount of free calcium ions needs to be sufficient in order to form a gel-like capsule reaction with sodium alginate. Milk based products such as cream, yogurt or milk already have a sufficient amount of calcium. However, conducting reverse spherification with a liquid containing insufficient calcium ion concentrations, Bindly calcium chloride could be added to the liquid.